Data center & Colocation

A safe home for your data

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A safe home for your data

Your data is business critical and deserves undivided attention. Spend the time, energy and money on your core business, and let us take responsibility for your data. As a leading provider of colocation services in the Nordics, we have the know-how and experience to operate more than 35,000 top-secured m2 data center space in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. At GlobalConnect Carrier, we’ll make sure that your business-critical data is in the best possible hands, around the clock.

With ISO27001 certification for all our Danish, Swedish and German data centers, we give your data both a safe and sustainable home. In addition, we have implemented submerged cooling in our data centers. This means that we can minimize our energy consumption for cooling by up to 90%, and instead use the surplus heat to heat houses in the local areas.

Our colocation offering

  • We have data centers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. Choose the center that suits your business needs best. Maybe it’s extra high security, energy efficiency or a certain geographical location? We can quickly and easily scale up or down, should your needs change over time.

  • Your servers will be powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Even though we’ve already come a long way, we are constantly finding new ways to further increase our energy efficiency – an important task we don’t take lightly and we’ll never stop pursuing.

  • Our data centers are monitored around the clock and equipped with burglar alarms directly connected to an alarm center. There are also fire detection and IT-friendly extinguishing systems installed at each location in case of an accident.

  • The construction standards in our data centers meets the highest technical standards, and there are both reserve power systems, UPS and advanced cooling systems.

Energyefficient datacenters

We are already well underway with a green transition that reduces the CO2 footprint of our data centers. We use 100% green energy from water energy in all our data centers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and wind and water energy in Germany.

In addition, we were the first colocation provider in Europe to implement a new cooling technology called submerged cooling. The technology, also known as immersive cooling, cools the servers with a specially made liquid, rather than air cooling. This means that you can save up to 90% in energy consumption compared to conventional cooling and that the servers can be pushed up almost 25% in performance.

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