Sustainability and social responsibility

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Sustainable development for communities, businesses and citizens

At GlobalConnect, we are proud to contribute to sustainable development across Northern Europe, for companies and organizations, as well as for the individual. Our contributions can mainly be tracked to our constantly expanding Pan-Nordic fiber network, but we are also determined to keep creating and delivering ever-evolving connectivity solutions that enables a better functioning society today, and tomorrow.

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GlobalConnect continued its momentum in the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) rollout and saw an increased appetite for connectivity solutions from enterprises and public institutions in 2021. The group’s revenue amounted to EUR 609m in 2021, an organic increase of 2.5% compared to previous year. Profitability also increased by 9.3% as the adjusted EBITDA improved to EUR 307m (50.4%) from EUR 272m (47.2%) the year before.


A world dependent on digital connections

Today, all parts of society depend on connectivity, and its importance just keeps on increasing day by day. A robust and fast network connection enables better cooperation between different countries, more flexibility in working life, new opportunities for residents in isolated rural areas reducing exclusion, and much more. The digitization of our society also reduces the need for travel, which directly contributes to lower emissions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our digital usage patterns and a lot of people suddenly needed increased capacity in their home offices and home schools. It has been crucial for us to deliver on those needs, and during this time we have truly seen the value of a robust and secure network throughout Scandinavia. Every day, 24 hours a day, we monitor and operate our Nordic network, which also extends to Helsinki to the east, Berlin in the south and Amsterdam to the west.

A sustainable workplace

Sustainability is also the way we run our business. Diversity and equality are our priorities and we regularly measure both the well-being and development of all our employees. We are constantly working to find more environmentally friendly ways to operate our offices, data centers, networks and other locations.

GlobalConnect, member of the UN Global Compact initiative

GlobalConnect Group is a proud member of the United Nations’ Global Compact program, also pledging to align our operations and strategies with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles that address human rights, labor law, environment and anti-corruption.

“Committing to the UNGC is an important step in GlobalConnect’s Sustainability journey, as we are aligning and working actively to meet our customers’ needs and become better as a company through international standards” says Eric Elzvik, ESG Champion at GlobalConnect.

GlobalConnect commits to join the Science Based Targets initiative

GlobalConnect commits to join the Science Based Targets initiative by submitting its first-ever SBTi targets. GlobalConnect commits to set near-term company-wide emission reductions in line with climate science with the SBTi.

Following a series of important sustainability milestones set during 2022 such as releasing its first joint Annual & Sustainability Report, entering the Ørsted+ATP consortium to bid for the build of the world’s first Energy Island in the North Sea and being enrolled into United Nations’ Global Compact Program – GlobalConnect has now submitted its first-ever SBTi targets, which are now awaiting target validation due in 2023.

GlobalConnect Group commits to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions – aligned with the UN ambition of limiting global warming. GlobalConnect also commits to decarbonization in the value-chain by working across scope 3. In addition, by launching its first Diversity and Inclusiveness training for all employees in late 2022, the Group will accelerate its ambitions to be a preferred place to work.

Archive: CSR Report 2020

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is closely linked to our business strategy and offerings, as we believe this is how we can truly make a positive difference and contribute to building a more sustainable society for everyone. This is the first CSR report for GlobalConnect Group after merging GlobalConnect and IP-Only in the beginning of 2020. The key goals in the report are based on our aligned strategy as one united company.